Legendary Restaurateur’s Bodrum Brewery Sails to Success

  • 6 years ago
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Nephew and partner of the iconic Bodrum restaurant Sunger Pizza, Mustafa Yavas has entered his third year of producing Pablo Beer, brewed in the Bodrum neighborhood of Konacik.

When asked what inspired him to launch a business in which promotion and advertising is strictly forbidden, Mustafa Yavas replied, ”Craft beer culture is relatively new in Turkey, and we are pioneering craft brewers here. Our vision is to inspire a beer culture in this part of the world, and share our brews overseas,too.

pabloIn 2014 we started playing around with test batches at our friend’s brewery. His beer had been the first craft beer sold in Turkey. We then created one together for our restaurant in Bodrum, which really took off. Over time we found a venue for our own small capacity brewery. Here we settled in for the extremely fun long-haul, experimenting, brewing and bottling, in between travels around the globe. Since then it’s been an exciting journey discovering the soulful and sociable science of brewing beer.”

Pablo Beer currently has a Pilsner and an American Ipa style of beer for offer.  Yavas explains that by omitting sugar, grains, preservatives and by avoiding pasteurization and filtration, the beer retains its unique qualities.

Annual production is currently between 200 and 250 thousand liters, and is distributed in local markets, restaurants, and distributors in Cesme, Izmir, Istanbul and in nightclubs.

The last question posed to Mustafa Yavas was regarding his label.  “It’s my dog, Pablo,” he replied.  ”I loved him so much that I produced a fine beer for him.”

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