Why buy a Luxury Kalkan Villa?

Why buy a Luxury Kalkan Villa?

Kalkan is a pretty harbour town and one of the best kept secrets of the Mediterranean coastline. In recent years, the UK press became aware of its special charms with several national papers running articles;  The Independent, Daily Mail, Mail Online, The Times Online are all publications which have in-depth articles about Kalkan and investing in a summer home in Turkey.

Off the main tourist trail, Kalkan is simply a guarded secret from package holiday tourism. Awash with great restaurants, many of which boast fabulous roof terraces that overlook an idyllic landscape, Kalkan is in fact what every Mediterranean town would like to be … elegant and enchanting.   The same apply for its exclusive properties gathered around the bay, many with steps leading down to the sea front.

Kalkan avoids the mass tourism market due to its 90 minute distance from the nearest airport, Dalaman.   It is therefore popular and attractive with the well-traveled international tourist and villa buyer. With its sophisticated visitors and home owners, Kalkan has a bespoke resale market, especially at the premium end, where the top villas in top locations are in high demand and often sold before ever going to market. These desirable properties are often only available via ‘in the know’ and well connected real estate agents.

Capital growth and Investment
Having gained a reputation as an exclusive resort, prices have continued to rise, cementing Kalkan’s status as one of the optimum places to own a waterfront villa, not only in Turkey but in the Mediterranean. Kalkan property does come at a premium – but with good reason being a sought after small enclave where demand outweighs supply.

Rental income
Consistent with any exclusive resort, Kalkan is in high demand with families seeking attractive villas in a tranquil setting and, with a limited number of luxury villas and mansions available, owners can achieve sizable rental figures and impressive annual yields.

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