Golden Age DJ David Hamilton Grooves in Kalkan

Golden Age DJ David Hamilton Grooves in Kalkan
DJ David Hamilton in Kalkan

Continuing with celebrity sightings along the Meditteranean and Aegan coasts of Turkey, also enjoying long, lazy days in Kalkan is golden-Age BBC DJ David Hamilton, who owns a stunning villa close to the 7; kilometer long, sandy, white dunes along Patara Beach.

Hamilton has hosted more than 12,000 radio shows and 1,000 TV programmes during his 58-year career, and was a regular Top of the Pops presenter in the mid-1970s when it had over 10 million viewers.

(Luxury Property Turkey would love to have David as a guest DJ at one of our sleepy, cozy Kalkan seaside bars…do you hear us, David Hamilton?)

Stay tuned with us for more celebrity sightings, as the rich and famous quietly invest along the tranquil beaches of Aegean and Mediterranean Turkey

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