Kalkan, Turkey. Latest Power Hotspot for Celebrities…

Kalkan, Turkey.  Latest Power Hotspot for Celebrities…

Luxury Property Turkey continues spotting high powered celebrities frolicking along the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey (see our recent entry on Naomi Campbell’s grand eco-home dream plans on the Aegean).

In October of this year, we spotted ‘’dragon’’ Duncan Bannatyne at the Kalamar Beach Club overlooking the turquoise waters of Kalkan, and later, out sailing with a grin from ear to ear.  Accompanying him was his wife, Nigora Whitehorn, whom he wed earlier this year in a beach side ceremony in Portugal.

Duncan is widely known for his scrutinizing wit and talent with funding start up entrepreneurial projects on the incredibly popular BBC2 television program ‘’Dragon’s Den.’’   The programme sees businessmen and women present their money-making ideas to the panel of “dragons”, who either invest in schemes or pronounce “I’m out”.  According to the Dragons’ Den website, he has invested almost £2m in schemes on the programme to date.

Duncan was joined by a friend of Luxury Property Turkey on a cruise in the bays surrounding Kalkan and enjoyed the  many fantastic Kalkan  restaurants.

Duncan chooses stunning Kalkan in Turkey to take a break an area of natural beauty favoured by well off ex-pats who have been enjoying the area for well over a decade,  drawn by the quietness  with a likeness of a sleepy Cornish village with steep cobbled streets and fabulous Turkish food.

Kalkan is a place where the famous can relax without hassle.  The nearest airport is 2 hours away and subsequently avoids mass tourism.


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