“I trust his judgement so much that I purchased a second villa sight unseen based on his recommendation.”


I fell in love with Turkey’s Gold Coast during my first visit so much that I decided to purchase a vacation property in the area. When I returned home to the US, I did quite a bit of research online. I also consulted with some of my Turkish friends and narrowed down my search to Bodrum. During my research, I happened upon Darren’s website which was full of valuable information about the area and included an in depth guide to the purchasing process in Turkey.

I contacted Darren and a couple of other realtors I found online and sent them a handful of properties that met my criteria. I found Darren to be the most responsive and more “on the ball” and to the point. I informed Darren that I was planning to return to Turkey to tour some properties. I was very impressed the first time I met him face to face. I found him to be very efficient and detail oriented, as well as a a good listener. He had already prepared a list of potential properties and, based on our discussions, he narrowed down the list. In less than an hour we were on our way. The properties that Darren had selected closely matched my requirements, which was a huge time saver for me. I was able to select the villa I ended up purchasing within a few hours.

Based on what my experience, I felt like Darren was someone I could trust; and being able to trust someone in a foreign country with a purchase meant a lot to me. I found it reassuring to be working with someone who had lived in the area for quite some time. I enjoyed his easy going, “no pressure” style.
Darren couldn’t have made the whole negotiation and purchase process go any smoother.

Just as valuable was the amount time and effort Darren saved me by putting me in touch with a number of great contacts. The attorney, bank representative, property manager, etc., were all top notch and English speaking. What I accomplished in two days would have easily taken me weeks, if not months, had it not been for Darren’s guidance. I headed back to the US and completed the remainder of the purchase process remotely with Darren and the attorney.

Darren has also been a great resource for my post purchase questions. I trust his judgment so much that I purchased a second villa sight unseen based on his recommendation. What else could I have asked for? He is the best.

I recommend Darren without any hesitation to anyone who plans to purchase property in Turkey.

David Y

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