“LPT does not feature properties which are not perfectly clean in terms of government approval”

” Searching the web as I was looking to buy a property for recreation and investment on the Aegean coast, I came upon the website of Luxury Property Turkey and quickly gravitated to it for the quality of its properties and the level of detail of the information provided. A financial analyst by training, I like to conduct in-depth research using a variety of relevant information. Getting in touch with the LPT team, I was certainly not disappointed. I quickly found out that they have amazing in-depth knowledge of the Bodrum property market, from overall development trends in the region, to the different resorts and clienteles, down to specific locations, sites, and properties, as well as zoning rules, local amenities, etc. And they share this knowledge in a friendly, unassuming, straightforward manner. The team never tried to drive a sale, but instead acted as attentive consultants, answering my questions and guiding me so I could make the optimal property choice based on my budget. They really stressed that they wanted me to make a well thought-out decision vs. just make a decision. 

 Darren has sold some of the finest properties in the region and has many years of experience as an agent living on the Bodrum Peninsula. He is easygoing, but also diligent and extremely thorough, giving clear, honest answers with a great level of detail and insight. Guzide also knows the Peninsula inside out and can find answers to the most intricate questions on properties and local zoning. Deniz knows local resources extremely well and takes care of logistics issues with friendliness and efficiency. Their level of knowledge and professionalism was evident from the first call with Annie, who is based in the UK and has also lived in Bodrum for years. Just a few weeks later, I was impressed with how much I had learned from them after a short stay in Bodrum, a number of phone calls, and an a very intense e-mail exchange. LPT believes in educating clients and really boosted my progress up the learning curve.


LPT has a sizeable selection of properties to choose from, but quality is unvariably high: unlike agencies carrying just about any property, LPT stays clear of properties not up to their high standards, helping ensure client satisfaction and investment value. Unlike some others again, as I got to learn, LPT does not feature properties which are not perfectly clean in terms of government approvals. The information on properties on the website is extensive and LPT duly checks on its accuracy, so that on-site visits or future ownership do not disappoint –again not true of all agencies on the Turkish market. The team fully assisted me with the various steps of the purchase and recommended a competent local attorney who was perfectly fluent in English, so that the process was much smoother than I had expected. Darren also knew when to have me wait, as he quietly worked on negotiating for me a better price on a well-situated property.

 And the relationship does not end with the sale, as LPT cares about after-sale service, making a point of helping a client get the most out of a property for personal and/or rental use. As a long-distance owner, it is nice for me now to have some trusted partners on the Peninsula, ready to help out if needed.

 With such an experience, I would recommend Luxury Property Turkey to anyone looking for a great property on the Bodrum Peninsula.”

Frederick F

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