Gulf Visitors and Investors Very Keen on Turkey

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Turkey receives on average more than half a million visitors annually from the Gulf countries, with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE, accounting for one of  the highest number of regional visitors to Turkey.

These statistics include ex-pats residing in the Middle Eastern Gulf States as well as native Gulf state citizens seeking a cool respite during the stiflingly hot, Arabian summer months.   Productivity during July and August in the Gulf States is at an all-time low, which is when the Arabian Peninsula residents enjoy a cooling holiday getaway to Turkey.

With easy flights from the Gulf states via Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airlines and other major carriers, Turkey is one of the most convenient, central destinations for those working and living in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar to enjoy a luxury holiday in their second home, a private villa, a crewed yacht, or a luxury hotel.

Luxury Property Turkey has years of experience with Gulf State clients seeking land and commercial investments, and an excellent client portfolio with very satisfied customers.

Darren Edwards of Luxury Property Turkey says, ‘’Many of our highest investing clients in Turkish property are from the Gulf States.  Excellent communication, easy access, and outdoor opportunities that are not always available in the Middle and Near East are all accessible with just a short flight, and our clients realize this for long term investment purposes.’’

For more information on investments in Turkey from the Middle Eastern Gulf States, see the recent article from

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