The Best Turkish Restaurants Outside of Turkey

The Best Turkish Restaurants Outside of Turkey

Many Luxury Property Turkey clients invest in Turkey for long term returns and do not use their property as a primary residence, yet love the geography, weather, land and shopping opportunities available on the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline.

Did we mention Turkish food?

Turkish cuisine outside turkey
Salivate over real Turkish cuisine.


Few international restaurants can capture the beautiful, deep, fresh flavors of Turkish cuisine, but our team, colleagues, clients and friends of LPT have put together a list of the best Turkish restaurants globally, for those clients that need a Turkish fix until they arrive in Anatolia.


Ekin Restaurant, London, UK

Sultanchef, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Agora Turkish Restaurant, Upper East Side, NY USA

Tawla, San Francisco, USA

Babylon, Miami, USA

Pera, Chicago, USA

Kaftan Restaurant, UAE

Bosporus Jumeirah, UAE

Ahmet’s Restaurant, Brisbane, Australia

Pasha’s Turkish Restaurant, Sydney Australia

Turkish mezes outside turkey
A plate of different appetizers from traditional Turkish cuisine

Ottoman Cuisine, Canberra Australia

Restaurant Sizin, Paris

Zambak Turkish Cuisine, Amman Jordan

Ertugurul, Tokyo Japan

Baba Angora, Berlin, Germany

Bosfor, Moscow, Russia

Apostrof, Tehran, Iran

El Turco, Ixelles, Belgium


And an unusual Honorable Mention in Hong Kong

Think of an airbnb app for food.  Plateculture is just that – dine in private homes.  Most Turkish eateries in Hong Kong are fast food kebab style venues, but Papa Theo offers the full monty kof a full Turkish homemade spread with rave reviews.

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